Nannycare is a brand of infant formula that is made from goat milk. In the early 1990s, a group of researchers at the University of Reading in the UK began studying the properties of goat milk as a potential alternative to cow's milk. The researchers were particularly interested in the potential health benefits of goat milk, which is known to be easier to digest and less allergenic than cow's milk.

After several years of research, they developed a goat milk-based infant formula that could be used as an alternative to cow's milk-based formula. The resulting product was Nannycare, which was first launched in the UK in 1991 under the name Nannycare Goat Milk Nutrition.

Focus on safety, quality and innovation

From the beginning, Nannycare was marketed as a high-quality alternative to cow's milk-based formula, with a focus on the nutritional benefits of goat milk. The formula was designed to be easy to digest and to provide a rich source of essential nutrients, including protein, fat, and vitamins.

Over the years, Nannycare has become increasingly popular among parents and healthcare professionals in the UK and is sold in over 30 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and many European countries.

Clinical trials that changed UK law regarding goat formula

A Nannycare study, published in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition in 2014, was instrumental in the UK Department of Health making an amendment to the Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula Regulations, allowing goat milk-based infant formula to be marketed in the UK as infant formula for the first time.

Prior to this amendment, goat milk-based nutrition was not permitted to be marketed as infant formula, only cow or soya based proteins were permitted to be marketed as infant formula.

The clinical trials compared the growth and tolerance of infants fed with Nannycare formula to those fed with a cow's milk-based formula. The study found that there were no significant differences in weight gain, length gain, or head circumference growth between infants fed with Nannycare formula and those fed with the cow's milk-based formula.

Based on the results of the trials, Nannycare was the first goat milk based product permitted to be marketed as infant formula in the UK.

Continued commitment to clinical trials

A study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2016, evaluated the impact of Nannycare formula on the intestinal microbiota of infants. The study found that the microbiota of infants fed with Nannycare formula was similar to that of breastfed infants, suggesting that Nannycare formula supports healthy gut development in infants.

Nannycare continues to go above and beyond the regulations and guidelines by conducting ongoing clinical trials to support its innovation, and maintain its reputation for safety, quality, and the best tasting formula that babies love to drink.

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