Our Story

Family owned and operated

Grow Organic Baby is a family owned and operated retailer of premium European organic baby formula and food. Our Hermosa Beach, CA based company was created to help parents find organic formula with healthy ingredients they can trust to feed their babies. 

With our warehouse in Europe dedicated to sourcing the organic baby formula directly from the manufacturer, and shipping it to your door, we have end to end oversight of your order from sourcing to delivery. This is our freshness and safety advantage. 

Why Choose Us?

Founded in 2016, we are trustworthy, reputable, and reliable, having helped thousands of families choose the formula that is right for them. All of our products are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and authentic. 

We have a passion for making the worlds’ best formula’s accessible for health-conscious parents.

Our knowledgeable team has the practical experience to assist you in making this very important decision. We are just an email, call or text message away to answer any of your formula or feeding questions.

Contact us for a consult, we welcome the opportunity to help you!