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We will be using our FAQ section to provide you with the latest information on formula availability.

21 March 2020

10 days into the European passenger travel ban, it is timely to re-group and share with you the impact the current situation has had on shipping and formula availability.

The good news is that your formula orders are still able to be shipped and they are all still being delivered.

The main impact we see on shipping, is delays in the European mail sorting process. The reason for this delay when compared with pre travel ban times, is that more than 60% of the airfreight that moves between Europe and the U.S. normally travels on passenger flights.

Impact of travel ban on cargo

Without access to passenger flights to ship cargo, the capacity to send mail from Europe has been significantly reduced. This is the reason that as of 13 March we started shipping all orders via PostNL (Dutch Post), as they have a smaller reliance on passenger planes to carry their mail than other mail providers.

We ship thousands of parcels with PostNL every year, so this is not a new process for us. They have lower weight maximums, so due to that restriction we have turned off the wholesale product bundles on the site.

The result of this is that our shipping transit guide has been revised to 9-12 days. Larger packages (those over 20lb) seem to be sorting slowly, as they fight for space on the cargo planes.

On the formula supply side. There has been a “run” on all supermarket items both here and in Europe, which has created a short- term formula shortage.

In addition, there have been some production delays, as the European manufacturers have had to alter their formulations to comply with new EU rules on formula ingredients and labeling. These new rules became mandatory on 22 February 2020. The changes result in a healthier formula composition and improved ingredient labeling and sustainability.

New EU Formula Guidelines

Both of those things have created a perfect storm. The availability of stock will come back to normal over the coming weeks and you will also notice new packaging due to the EU directive. We have long term relationships with our suppliers and will continue to receive weekly deliveries throughout this crisis.

We are updating our stock levels at 9 am PST Monday through Friday and if it is available for sale on the site, it means that we have it in stock and will be able to ship it to you that evening.

We will continue to communicate changes as they occur. We wish everyone of you to stay healthy and safe throughout these challenging times.



Why is European formula healthier than US formula and which one should I choose? 

This is a link to a detailed organic formula guide that contains all of the information you will need to help you choose the healthiest, safest organic formula for your baby. It is a fantastic resource and is regularly updated. 


Are your products genuine? 

Our number one priority is the health and safety of your baby. We have a passion for making the formula’s accessible for health conscious parents. All of the products we sell are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and authentic.

We source them directly from the manufacturer and ship them straight to you, with every step being trackable. We manage the end to end process, from manufacturer through delivery to you, to ensure the product is maintained and handled properly throughout the entire process.   

When do your products expire?

We understand the need for freshness. Our products will have more than a year remaining until expiry.  We turn over our inventory very quickly and have weekly deliveries direct from the manufacturer.

Are your products irradiated?

No. Our products are never irradiated. 

Are the European formula’s FDA approved? 

They are neither approved or disapproved, as they have never made an application for approval. We cannot be sure why this is the case as they are sold in over 70 countries throughout the world. One school of thought is that Big Pharma own the US formula manufacturer’s and this is why they have not attempted the FDA process.

Why is this not “USDA” certified organic? 

All of our formula is manufactured in the EU. The USDA regulates the "organic" label within the USA and does not have jurisdiction in the EU. The EU has more stringent regulations regarding what can be considered an organic product, than those of the USDA. The farming standards for all of our brands go many steps beyond the EU organic regulations. 

Why is the formula not available in supermarkets and other grocery stores?

Food products must be explicitly approved by the FDA to be sold in US stores.  

Do I have to move up the stages based on age?

Higher stages of formula contain the necessary proteins and iron levels an older baby may need. 

We always advise parents to choose the formula that corresponds to your baby's age to ensure that they are getting all of the formula benefits. It does not have to be exact to the day, you can wait until your current stage is finished before moving forward. This is normal and is fine for up to several weeks or even a month. 

How much should I order? 

We recommend that you purchase a small amount to start with and then buy the bulk packs in subsequent orders. That way you save money and have plenty of milk formula. 

Can I use a Baby Brezza?

Yes. Baby Brezza settings can be found on their website under the International Tab. Click on the link below for the Brezza settings finder. 


Can I prepare the formula without boiling the water? 

While many parents do not boil the water they are preparing the formula with, it is advised to do so as it can eliminate bacteria.