We are a family owned and operated retail and wholesale seller of premium European organic baby products. Our company started in response to the feedback we received from parents who were struggling, like we were, to find organic formula with healthy ingredients that we were happy to feed to our children. 

We are located in Hermosa Beach, California and have a warehouse in Europe to manage the sourcing and worldwide shipping. This means that we have oversight of the formula from manufacturer to delivery to your door. This is our freshness and safety advantage. 

We have a passion for making the worlds best formula’s accessible for health conscious parents. 

We are trustworthy, reputable and reliable and all of the products we sell are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and authentic. 

We appreciate that buying formula is a very important decision, so please do not hesitate to contact us on 310 384 1163 or admin@littleorganicsusa.com with any questions you may have. 

We have done the research and helped thousands of families choose the formula that is right for them and we welcome the opportunity to help you. 

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Award Winning Baby Tracking App from Little Organics

We know how important it is for you to keep track of your baby’s feeding times, sleep patterns, diapers, growth milestones and medications.  We also know that it can be quite overwhelming as a new parent.

The great news is that we have recently launched a brand new FREE app where you can track all of that and more.  It’s called The Baby Diaries  and it’s ready for you now. The Baby Diaries tracks important information for doctors, baby nurses and other care-givers. You can also share important milestones with family and friends directly from the app.

Some of the Features include:

·       Track multiple babies;

·       Track breastfeeds including side, times, duration & comments

·       Track bottle feed volume, liquid type and time;

·       Track solid foods and importantly any reactions to foods;

·       Track sleep including start and finish times and length;

·       Sleep graphs show baby's sleep trends;

·       Track nappy changes including type and time;

·       Compare your baby's data with World Health Organization averages

·       Medication tracker with alerts and comments;

You can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play stores:

appstore.png playstore.png

Once you download the app, use Activation Code = LORGUSA1 

Keeping track of your newborn has never been easier with The Baby Diaries!