Kendamil Formula

Endorsed and consumed by the British Royal Family, most recently by Prince Louis, Kendamil’s unique location on the edge of the stunning Lake District allows them to utilize the finest ingredients to produce the only infant formula manufactured in the UK.

The organic recipe uses local whole milk from grass-fed cows on Red Tractor accredited farms to create a delicious, satiating formula.

The key benefits of Kendamil Organic Formula are;

  1. No Palm Oil (Coconut Oil)
  2. Made with certified organic full cream milk, so the protein ratio is closer to natural breast milk
  3. Omega-3 and 6 LCPs (DHA & ARA) from pure marine algae (without hexane extraction) instead of fish oil
  4. Suitable for vegetarians
  5. Organic Prebiotics from Milk, GOS and FOS
  6. Zero added sugars
  7. No Maltodextrin
  8. Gluten Free
  9. No wheat, soy or peanut ingredients
  10. GMO-free
  11. 58 years of experience
  12. English label for easy to read instructions

Kendamil has been ranked as the best EU organic formula by the trusted mom and baby health and nutrition site See review below.

Kendamil review by picky eater blog

Kendamil Formula

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