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Our ‘Feel HiPP’ Promise

  • We guarantee the highest quality ingredients that exceed EU organic standards.
  • We never add artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours to our food.
  • Our ingredients are picked at the peak of ripeness and then gently steam cooked to retain all the goodness and flavour.
  • We always try to minimise waste - our recipes use fruit and vegetables that are too small, big, or ‘ugly’ for supermarkets – but still have all the nutrients your baby needs.
  • We remain dedicated to sustainability – working with nature and truly caring more about the environment, to keep our farmland rich and fertile for the future.

… so you can be completely confident your baby is getting the highest quality baby food, produced in a sustainable way.

And that’ll make you feel HiPP

Feeling HiPP for four generations!

HiPP Organics

Have you ever done something just because it feels right? Because you passionately believe in it? Yes? That’s what we do too!

We call it the HiPP way.

We’ve been following our beliefs, our dreams, our natural instincts, for four generations now. Never swayed by food fads, fashion or the easy path. Instead we’ve been persistently and passionately working with nature, not against it, for over 60 years. Driven by an intuitive feeling that green is good. That organic is better. That pesticides are pesky. That produce is more delicious when picked at its plumpest, juiciest peak. And above all else, that babies deserve food that tastes great to make them feel HiPP inside and out.

That’s why we go above and beyond EU Organic standards, setting our own tougher criteria, raising the bar. It’s also why, from less acidic apples to lower nitrate spinach, we carefully select our produce so it’s naturally baby-friendly too.

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