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Little Organics USA is located in Los Angeles.  We are a seller of HiPP and Holle 100% Organic infant formulas. Our company was started in response to the feedback we received from many parents struggling to find organic and nutritious infant fomula.  Holle and HiPP are market leading infant formula brands that we carry.

It's a major concern when the quality of the formula available is not at an acceptable level, requiring worried parents to search for quality alternatives far and wide.  Now these parents can get HiPP and Holle infant formula shipped to their doorstep from Little Organics. 

Order with us and know that we are a trustworthy, reputable and reliable source for organic baby formulas.

Why Organic Infant Formula?

Now more than ever, with increased allergies and health awareness, there are so many products on the market offering healthy alternatives for everyone. Most recently, we’ve seen an increase in organic awareness. But why the organic phenomenon you ask? Organic food and products don’t have nasties such as synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers or genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Organic products are grown and processed without the use of any of these and all use environmentally sustainable practices. This in turns translates into more nutritious food, clothes and products free from toxins! Organic food and products help create a better world for your baby to grow up in, it tastes better and ensures that no harmful pesticides or chemicals are harming your babies delicate stomach or skin. 

Starting parenthood is an exciting journey and more than anything, we want to raise them to be healthy and kind!

Nourish them naturally with Little Organics.


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